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Builders of Eloquence and Engagement, LLC
Communication & Services for nonspeakers. 

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Kurt is back!

Presume competence, build eloquence.

They said a nonspeaker could not learn or communicate...

                         We want to show you how we proved them wrong. 

I knew my child was able to do so much more, I could see it in his eyes. I took the road less travelled and now he is an eloquent young man who communicates through technology.  One of the first things he asked for?  For me to bring the magic of eloquent communication to others like him. We are glad you are here, let's do this together. 


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1:1 Tutoring

Launch your
communication journey

Experience personalized learning with our 1:1 tutoring sessions at BEE. Our specialized educators work with students of all ages and abilities to help them learn new skills, develop exciting communication capabilities, and customize their learning experience. With individualized attention from our tutors, students are able to make significant progress and achieve their goals. Contact us today to schedule your first session.

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1:1 Extended Tutoring

Ready for longer hours of learning and progress

Invest in your child's education with BEE's Extended Tutoring service. Our expert tutors provide personalized 1:1 blocks of learning, ensuring your child receives the attention and support they need to succeed. Whether your child needs help with academics, life skills, work skills, or specialized instruction, our tutors are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our Extended Tutoring service.

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Community Program

Build the skills to thrive

Join our community program at BEE and gain access to a plethora of activities that are both fun and enriching. From cooking and yoga to music, art, gardening, entrepreneurship and academics, we provide a holistic approach to learning. Our program is designed to help individuals with special needs build confidence, socialize with peers and develop their potential. Come and join us for a fun and engaging experience that will help you achieve your goals.

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Worldwide Services

On selected dates of the year our providers can travel around the world to provide tutoring services to nonspeakers and unreliable speakers.  Fill out an enrollment form now!

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Complete our enrollment form and join us in Ensenada, Mexico for recurring sessions throught the year. 

Social Recreational Inclusion

Join us for social recreational classes and inclusion opportunities supported by BEE. 

BEE Publishing

Inclusive neurodiverse content that builds a world where we all belong. 

We chose BEE, First of all because they spoke Spanish.  When we saw her with our son we knew we had made the right choice, not only was it a matter of language, it was the experience she had and the control during defiant situations with my child with Autism. 

Lupita A., Mexico

Music Class




Inclusion Opportunities

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